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  • What is a free home consultation?
    This is where I get to view your project/s and find out your organization goals. I take notes, measurements, and pictures of your space. We share ideas, discuss the process and pricing, and go over any organizing products you might need such as bins, baskets, shelving, etc.
  • How long is a free home consultation?
    They run anywhere from 20min to an hour depending on the size and number of your projects.
  • What does an Organizer do?
    I'm basically a psychatrist for your house. I help you go through all the baggage and clutter you've been holding on to for years. A cluttered space contributes to a stressed out mind. I help you clear out the old and give your space new life. I create new organizational systems for your paperwork, clothes, craft supplies, kitchen items, tools, etc. A clean space brings peace of mind and inspiration.
  • I'm very picky about how my things are organized. Can I work alongside you?
    Absolutely! Some clients simply hand me their keys and don't want to see what I do till the project is all done. Others prefer to work alongside me and be a part of the process. Being able to work with you definitely makes the job go much faster. But either way I will always do my level best to find the best organizational systems for each individual client.
  • How often do you organize for any given client?
    Some clients have one small project I can finish in an afternoon. Others have big projects that may go several days. I also have regular clients I organize for on a bi-weekly or monthly basis to help maintain old projects or slowly tackle new ones.
  • You're an organizer so your room must always be perfect right?
    Not always. My room is always organized but that doesn't mean it still doesn't get messy when i have a busy week. The beauty about organizing is that it gives you structure and a solid foundation for any room. If you have a good system in place it's a lot easier to stay on top of things and quicker to clean up when it does get messy.
  • Is this room too cluttered for you to organize?
    This is actually one of the most frequently asked questions. The answer is no! No room is too cluttered. I've worked in private estates to hoarder houses and everything in between. No mess is too big. I'm in this job because I absolutely love what I do.
  • Where do you even start with a huge mess?
    Every project is tackled a little differently. But one thing remains the same, if you only tidy what you see on the surface it will get messy again before I even get out of the door. You have to be willing to let it get a little messier before it can be properly organized. I usually start by taking everything out, sorting it all into catogorized piles, and then putting things away into a working system that is easy to use and maintain.
  • What's the oldest food product you've ever thrown away?
    A bottle of flavor sauce from 1982, at least that one was still sealed.. the worst is when you find (and smell) something that expired ages ago.
  • What is the best thing i can do to get my pantry organized?
    Buy containers with a good seal for all your dry goods. Food products like flour, rice, cereals, crackers, etc. are targets for meal worms. The products will keep better and will be safe from nasty little critters. Plus matching containers give any pantry an instant face lift.
  • I hate folding clothes so how am I supposed to keep my closet clean?
    While most things do have to be folded or hung in order to stay wrinkle free, there are a few items that can get away without the extra work. Get several matching bins for underwear, leggings, exercise tops, scarves, etc. But honestly, folding laundry is a chore that will haunt you your whole life. Unless you simply hire an Organizer to do monthly upkeep on your closet :)
  • What do you suggest for all the change I have laying around my house?
    Every home needs a central change jar. I've found change all over my clients' homes in the oddest spots. Keep change in a convenient location in a jar or decorative container where it can be dropped off, kept safe, and out from under your couch cushions.
  • What can I do with all the TV remotes scattered around the living room?
    Get a decorative box for them to put on the coffee table. My favorite are the boxes that look like large hardback books. A fun decor item with a practical use.
  • I have too many clothes. How do I go through them?
    At the beginning of the year hang paper clips or rubber bands on all your hangers. When you wear an item of clothing take the paper clip off the hanger. By the end of six months you'll be able to tell what you did and didn't wear. Take a hard look at what's left and be honest with yourself. That outfit you're saving for "someday" should be worn today or donated.
  • What's your favorite room to organize?
    It's a toss up between closets and pantries for sure because I'm not sure what I like more, shoes or food :)
  • What's your favorite project been thus far?
    This pantry. It was an absolute work of art, just sayin'.
  • What's the best part about being an Organizer?
    The smile and look of relief on a client's face when they see their newly organized space. And being able to make a living doing what I love.
  • Why did you choose to be an Organizer?
    I've always been told to pursue the work you love and this is it. Fun fact though: I also do Wedding Coordinating, and Interior Design on the side in my free time.
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